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Scimedico 2-6 
Decontamination Protocol FAQ

Can our facility contract for the 2-6 protocol only?

Yes, the 2-6 Protocol is available as a stand alone service.

How does the 2-6 Scimedico Decontamination Service function as an integrated solution?

The Scimedico 2-6 protocol is offered as the "regular" third party decontamination service. The Scimedico 4-12 protocol is the deep decontamination process designed to address interval based decontamination needs. Finally, the Scimedico PM Kit is the end user solution for daily, weekly, and monthly work space cleaning and decontamination.

Does the 2-6 protocol include floors, walls, and ceilings?

The Scimedico 2-6 protocol addresses work surfaces and all equipment and cabinetry in daily use. The protocol does address any build up under and around equipment. 


Is there a Scimedico service that includes floors, walls, and ceilings?

Yes, Scimedico can perform a total room decontamination service that will address surface decontamination of floors, walls, and ceilings.This process involves “fogging” the entire space with ionized hydrogen peroxide.This procedure should be completed after the application of the 4-12 or 2-6 process and should also be coordinated with standard facility cleaning.


What is the difference between the 4-12 and 2-6 protocol?

The Scimedico 4-12 protocol should be considered a "deep decon" and should be conducted based on customer requirements. The Scimedico 2-6 protocol provides a solution for shorter interval decontamination. 


How long does it take to complete the 2-6 protocol?

The Scimedico 2-6 protocol is a formal process and completion time depends on the area being decontaminated.The service needs to be conducted when the space or equipment being addressed is not in use.

What do the numbers stand for in the 2-6 protocol?

The Scimedico 2-6 protocol is based on a total of two primary steps and six sub-steps. For each primary step there are three sub-steps.The overall process is a layered decontamination procedure applied to establish a baseline of decontamination on the designated equipment or environment.


Can our facility adopt the Scimedico 2-6 protocol as our standard decontamination procedure?

Yes, Scimedico recommends utilizing the 2-6 Protocol on a scheduled basis between six and 12 times per year (based on the environment) and supplementing the protocol with Scimedico 4-12 Protocol as a less frequent deep decontamination process. 

Can our facility purchase the Scimedico PM Kit without using Scimedico Decontamination services?

Yes, The Scimedico PM Kit is available as a stand alone product.

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