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Scimedico is the leader in Preventive Maintenance in Pathology and Necorpsy settings. Our PM services prioritize equipment function, staff safety, lab hygiene, and involve robust reporting. 

  • Scimedico's multi step preventive maintenance process addresses equipment function, applies the Scimedico's 4-12 Decontamination Methodology,and includes safety testing and robust reporting

  • Every Scimedico preventive maintenance procedure includes patent pending area based ventilation testing procedure which addresses ventilation function based on open area use of equipment



Scimedico services include Retrofits, Safety Monitoring, End User Hygiene, Scimedico Decontamination, and emergency HAZMAT Response.


  • Scimedico provides defined decontamination services addressing increasing levels of decontamination. Scimedico's decontamination protocol is based on the Scimedico 4-12 protocol used in our Preventive Maintenance Services. 


  • Scimedico offers the Scimedico PM Kit™ (with Scimedico 2X10X20 Methodology™) addressing daily, weekly, and monthly end user hygiene through the application of the Scimedico 2X10X20 Methodology™



Scimedico supplies temporary modular clinical environments for Patient Care and Morgue, Autopsy, and Lab settings to address planned, emergency, and back up situations. 

  • Scimedico Temporary Environments are fixed temporary environments providing end users with a safe, hygienic, functional temporary setting

  • Address the need for temporary operations during renovations, disruption of operations, or emergency situations

  • Scimedico Temporary Environments include an option for Back Up Solutions where a facility can have a Scimedico Temporary Environment prepared and ready in response to an emergency 


Scimedico is a full service Lab Move and Installation firm, managing planning, coordination, installation, and commissioning.  

  • Scimedico's Lab Move service leverages our overall approach to planning, safety, procedure, and reporting

  • Lab Moves include coordination, inspection, inventory, pre-move equipment assessment, temporary environment planning, equipment decontamination, equipment retrofitting, and mechanical move management 

  • As a full service installation company Scimedico provides turn key installation services addressing all facets of equipment installation and commissioning


  • Preventive Maintenance | Scimedico is the leader in preventive maintenance in Pathology and Necorpsy settings - our solutions address function, safety, hygiene, and include robust reporting

  • Laboratory Safety | Scimedico services address end user decontamination solutions/products, a full set of decontamination services, and laboratory protection services 

  • Temporary and Back Up Environments | Scimedico supplies temporary modular clinical environments for Patient Care and Morgue, Autopsy, and Lab settings to address planned, emergency, and back up situations. 

  • Ergonomic Services | Scimedico provides a full set of ergonomic retrofits addressing end user comfort, safety, and LEAN lab workflows 

  • Laboratory Monitoring | Scimedico provides laboratory monitoring services addressing chemical levels, air pressure, and temperature 

  • Installation and Lab Moves | Scimedico is a full service installation company, managing planning, coordination, installation and commissioning in the clinical, law enforcement, and research sectors

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