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Scimedico is the leader in Preventive Maintenance in Pathology and Necropsy settings. Scimedico now also provides turn-key maintenance services in Histology and Cytology.


Scimedico's PM services prioritize staff safety, compliance, lab hygiene, and on demand reporting on our Complilab Platform

  • Scimedico's has defined the PM process in Pathology: Our pm services address equipment function, safety testing, and decontamination

  • Scimedico's services in Histology and Cytology service allow customers to select the right level of service by individual instrument for your lab

  • Scimedico's Complilab platform supports compliance management by providing end users with a robust maintenance management platform



Scimedico services include Safety Monitoring, Lab Monitoring, End User Hygiene, Scimedico Decontamination, and emergency HAZMAT Response.

  • Scimedico provides a complete set of Laboratory Monitoring services including temperature, negative pressure, formalin and xylene monitoring, and safety testing


  • Scimedico provides defined decontamination services addressing increasing levels of decontamination. Scimedico's decontamination protocol is based on the Scimedico 4-12 protocol used in our Preventive Maintenance Services. 


  • Scimedico offers the Scimedico PM Kit (with Scimedico 2X10X20 Methodology™) addressing daily, weekly, and monthly end user hygiene through the application of the Scimedico 2X10X20 Methodology™



Scimedico supplies temporary modular clinical environments for Patient Care and Morgue, Autopsy, and Lab settings to address planned, emergency, and back up situations. 

  • Scimedico Temporary Environments are fixed temporary environments providing end users with a safe, hygienic, functional temporary setting

  • Address the need for temporary operations during renovations, disruption of operations, or emergency situations

  • Scimedico Temporary Environments include an option for Back Up Solutions where a facility can have a Scimedico Temporary Environment prepared and ready in response to an emergency 


Scimedico is a full service Lab Move and Installation firm, managing planning, coordination, installation, and commissioning.  

  • Scimedico's Lab Move service leverages our overall approach to planning, safety, procedure, and reporting

  • Lab Moves include coordination, inspection, inventory, pre-move equipment assessment, temporary environment planning, equipment decontamination, equipment retrofitting, and mechanical move management 

  • As a full service installation company Scimedico provides turn key installation services addressing all facets of equipment installation and commissioning


  • Preventive Maintenance | Scimedico is the leader in preventive maintenance in Pathology and Necropsy settings - our solutions now address maintenance needs in Histology and Cytology

  • Laboratory Safety | Scimedico services address end user decontamination solutions/products, a full set of decontamination services, and laboratory protection services 

  • Temporary and Back Up Environments | Scimedico supplies temporary modular clinical environments for Patient Care and Morgue, Autopsy, and Lab settings to address planned, emergency, and back up situations. 

  • Ergonomic Services | Scimedico provides a full set of ergonomic retrofits addressing end user comfort, safety, and LEAN lab workflows 

  • Laboratory Monitoring | Scimedico provides laboratory monitoring services addressing chemical levels, air pressure, and temperature 

  • Installation and Lab Moves | Scimedico is a full service installation company, managing planning, coordination, installation and commissioning in the clinical, law enforcement, and research sectors

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