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Why Preventive Maintenance Matters

Staff safety, hygiene, proper ventilation function, and quality control are Scimedico's service priorities. Scimedico's integrated preventive maintenance supports these priorities through flexible scheduling, service execution, detailed reporting, and our Complilab asset and compliance management software.

Scimedico has been advocating for laboratory safety since 1998 and fully believes that ergonomic, well-functioning work environments help medical professionals deliver superior patient care. We aim to draw a connection between the function of the equipment and patient outcomes, and with respect for the complexity for the environments in which we work.



Properly testing and cleaning ventilation assures that carcinogens are being removed from the air


Equipment is optimized to be ergonomic and efficient to reduce asset failure and increase user-friendly productivity


Accessible and detailed reports highlight equipment information, assisting in inspection preparedness 

Safety is Important

Preventive Maintenance services promote work place safety.

Scimedico is advocating for the safety of Pathology professionals by advocating for increased safety measures within the lab. 

Preventive maintenance in pathology and morgue settings is not only important for the health of patients, but it is also important to the overall health of laboratory and morgue employees. Exposure to dangerous chemicals, risk of carpal tunnel syndrome and other musculoskeletal disorders exacerbated by non-ergonomic equipment, and a high-stress environment can all contribute to a shortened career in pathology and increased staff turnover. 



Scimedico also offers our asset management software, Complilab, free of charge to all our customers. Complilab allows lab personnel to easily access important equipment and service appointment information, as well as reports related to specific assets and appointments. Moreover, Complilab keeps track of upcoming compliance appointments with various regulatory agencies, making sure that you and your team are prepared for the appointment well in advance.  

Agents of Change

Miguel Bermeo address attendees at the 47th annual  American Association of Pathologists' Assistants (AAPA) conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Topics include the Scimedico company mission, 10 questions facing pathology, and why preventive maintenance matters.



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