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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is Scimedico's general Preventive Maintenance procedure? How long does a PM take?
    Scimedico's comprehensive preventive maintenance procedure focuses on end user safety and optimal equipment function by following the steps below. The length of the PM depends on the condition of the equipment, but in general a PM on a grossing station takes 4-6 hours while a PM on an autopsy table takes 2-3 hours. Scheduling is flexible in an effort to avoid disrupting your lab's workflow. PM services can be scheduled on weekends, after hours, or overnight with no additional charge.
  • How is service scheduled?
    Scimedico begins with an on-boarding meeting to better get to know your lab. During this meeting we go over vital information including service requests, location information, equipment location, and our PM procedure. Scheduling will then be handled by a Scimedico service coordinator who will work with an on-site contact (or contacts) of your choice to schedule service. Scheduling is flexible in an effort to not disrupt your lab's work flow and can be scheduled on weekends, after hours, or overnight with no additional charge. In addition, our team is always available to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have through the process.
  • What do you mean by CFM ventilation testing? How does it compare to the PM we are doing now?
    Most ventilation testing is FPM (feet per minute) ventilation testing, which was designed for a standard fume hood. Unlike a grossing station, these hoods have full side walls, a full ceiling, and a sash covering the front of the work area. In contrast, a grossing station is an open work space with no walls and no sash. So, when we test on a CFM basis, we use a Scimedico patented protocol to test the full area where grossing takes place. This takes into account ventilation over the entire space, producing a more accurate final reading compared to standard ventilation tests. The CFM method can be used to replace or complement your current testing. Our PM process includes safety testing, a patented 12 step decontamination process, and equipment inspection that a standard ventilation test may not. Scimedico also provides service reports and recommends post PM repairs for each unit.
  • What happens if our Biomed department does our PMs? Can our Biomed department do repairs instead of Scimedico?
    Scimedico will partner with your Biomed department to ensure we are not overlapping their efforts. In fact, we have never partnered with a facility in which the Scimedico scope of work overlapped with the Biomed department’s work. Scimedico services are comprehensive, and we complement what biomed does. As for repairs, Scimedico recommends that an experienced, manufacturer approved technician completes them. However, we can source the needed materials and provide a quote for parts only so that your facility can complete the repairs themselves.
  • Tell me more about Scimedico's service reports and Post PM Repairs.
    Reporting is the foundation of each of Scimedico's services. After Preventive Maintenance service, a Scimedico service report is signed and delivered. Each unit gets its own report that contains any failed tests, digital documentation, and ventilation test results specific for that unit. This report also includes a quote for any recommended Post PM Repairs suggested by our experienced technicians. Repairs vary per unit, but examples include replacing broken garbage disposals, actuators, or faulty formalin sensors. Scimedico also offers grossing station retrofits that aim to improve the ergonomics and functionality of your equipment. Service reports, as well as information on equipment, orders, and upcoming services, are available online 24/7 on Complilab.
  • How does the Scimedico PM Kit work with Scimedico services?
    Scimedico's integrated services consist of the 4-12 (deep) laboratory decontamination protocol, the 2-6 (standard) laboratory decontamination protocol, and the Scimedico PM Kit for staff use. The Scimedico PM Kit provides manufacturer approved supplies specifically for your equipment, comes in a single carrier, and contains instructions for "Daily-Weekly-Monthly" disinfection. Services can be used individually, but Scimedico recommends that they be combined to maximize cleanliness and end user safety.

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