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Why Preventive Maintenance Matters

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Thank you for your interest in Scimedicos's Preventive Maintenance Services

Staff safety, hygiene, proper ventilation function, and quality control are Scimedico's service priorities. Scimedico's integrated preventive maintenance supports these priorities through flexible scheduling, service execution, detailed reporting, and our Complilab asset and compliance management software. 

Scimedico has been advocating for laboratory safety since 1998 and fully believes that ergonomic, well-functioning work environments help medical professionals deliver superior patient care. We aim to draw a connection between the function of the equipment and patient outcomes, and with respect for the complexity for the environments in which we work.

Scimedico has also launched the "10 Questions Facing Pathology" program in order to start a conversation, build consensus, and gather data that leads to additional feedback and suggestions from the pathology community regarding laboratory safety, ventilation, testing, and ergonomics. 

Please take a minute to visit our 10 Questions Facing Pathology below to give your feedback.


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