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Scimedico has fully deployed our COVID-19 Safety Protocols to the field

and is ready to service our customers in addressing this crisis.  To review our protocals, please visit


Temporary Environments

Scimedico Temporary Morgue and Autopsy Environments are ready to deploy anywhere in the United States to address decedent management requirements on a temporary or emergency basis. Scimedico Temporary Morgues are fully functional environments that include loading area, anteroom and refrigerated environment with HVAC control, body storage options, and lift.  


Scimedico is standing by to support both clinical facilities and governments with the appropriate solution to address COVID-19 requirements.  Scimedico provides fully enabled environments and turn-key installation.   


Upon engagement, Scimedico will deploy immediately.  STEP ONE: Select site location. STEP TWO:  Complete all utility runs to the installation location.  STEP THREE: Level site and site preparation.  STEP FOUR: Install unit for use.  The installation process can be completed in five to seven days based on an emergency response order for a Clinical Solution or in fourteen to thirty days for an Incidence Response.


What is the maximum capacity for each option?

Scimedico temporary morgue solutions can be installed with without racks, with three tier racks (standard) or four tier racks (maximum).

Does facility staff have to provide support to a Scimedico solution?

Scimedico services are turn-key and are offered as a menu of services that meet customer requirements.

Is there a difference between a standard deployment and an emergency response solution?

Yes.  Scimedico Emergency and Incidence Response is provided on a turn-key basis only and is a cost plus solution.

Can Scimedico provide a refrigerated trailer as part of the solution?

Scimedico does not directly provide trailers, but we can refer you to a provider.

If needed can capacity be added to each ?

Scimedico does not directly provide trailers, but we can refer you to a provider.


Average temperature is 35-38 degrees. Base on field conditions, temperature may settle at 39 degrees. When transferring a decedent, alarm level is 47-49 degrees (when you open the door) the temperature will rise, but will be brought back to temperature within a few minutes. Low temperature alarm is 33-32 degrees to avoid freezing. Units are supported by dual condensers for on site redundancy.  Temperature settings can be adjusted to meet facility or local codes and standards.