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Useful Glossary of Terms for Histotechnologists

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

Do you need a term related to your staining procedure defined? The name of a dye? A staining method? A reagent used in your laboratory? A definition of any particular word related to histotechniques? The Biological Stain Commission has A Glossary of Staining Methods, Reagents, Immunohistochemistry, Terminology and Eponyms written by three experts on dyes, stains, and reagents, Drs. John Kiernan, Richard W. Dapson and Richard W. Horobin. This glossary is free and found on the Biological Stain Commission website Glossary of Staining Methods, Reagents, Immunostaining and Eponyms ( under the title, Biological Stain Commission (2021) Glossary of Staining Methods, Reagents, Immunostaining, Terminology and Eponyms, Version 2.0. (Please note spelling is British (UK) rather than Americanized English.) The glossary authors ask users to contribute feedback if note mistakes are found and/or suggest new terms be added or revised. This glossary can be used to teach students in histotechnology schools or simply broaden your vocabulary.



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