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Scimedico launches 10 Questions Facing Pathology

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

Scimedico has launched a new program titled, "10 Questions Facing Pathology." The focus of this program is to gather feedback from the pathology community regarding laboratory safety, ventilation, testing, and ergonomics.

As a leader in pathology-related preventive maintenance and lab monitoring, Scimedico prioritizes ongoing safety, ergonomics, ventilation, and hygiene in all our services. We place great importance on the ability to gather data and report our work -- if we can't report it, we don't do it. The questions we are asking are raised frequently and consistently among the pathology departments we work with. 

We have specified the first five questions in order to start a conversation, build consensus, and gather data that leads to additional feedback and suggestions from the pathology community. Each topic is a survey comprised of multiple follow-up questions and subtopics of interest on which participants can comment. Based on end user feedback, we will proceed to publish additional surveys related to the proposed questions, helping build a community-wide consensus.

These questions will be distributed via Scimedico social channels. An essential facet of the program is to engage with end users, identify gaps associated with safety, economics, and compliance, and generate industry-applicable solutions for these gaps.

Responses are anonymous but will be made available to any verified regulatory clinical, academic, industry, or research organization for further study or consideration. Scimedico will utilize data gathered to develop best practices, white papers, and poster boards that support the Pathology community. Long term, Scimedico’s goal is to provide insight and solutions for the larger safety, compliance, ergonomic, regulatory, ventilation, and hygiene topics that each question addresses.

As advocates for safety in pathology settings, we at Scimedico see ourselves as agents of change, and in the end, the entire purpose of our “10 Questions Facing Pathology” campaign is to improve the level of safety for end users working in the pathology field.  

To learn more visit the 10 Questions Facing Pathology webpage or join the LinkedIn group.



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