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Scimedico Preventive Maintenance Services vs. Standard Ventilation Testing

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

What makes Scimedico Preventive Maintenance (PM) Services different from standard ventilation testing? Scimedico's comprehensive preventive maintenance procedure focuses on end user safety and optimal equipment function.

Download the data sheet or take a look at the list below to see how our services directly address hygiene, safety, and proper ventilation, and provide detailed reporting.

  • Decontamination and Cleaning

    • Vacuum and clean out vent area

    • Vacuum and clean behind and inside unit

    • Spray and wipe down interior of unit

    • Spray and clean outside of the unit

    • Targeting problem areas

    • Steam clean unit

    • Re-wipe unit

    • Second steam clean

    • Detail cleaning

    • Clean computers and lights

    • Polish unit

  • Inspection

    • Lower Cavity

    • Upper Cavity

    • Utility Interior

    • Utility HVAC

  • Testing

    • Controls

    • Utility

    • Plumbing

    • Electrical

  • Safety Testing

    • CFM Ventilation Testing

    • GFCI​

  • Digital Documentation

    • Before and After photos

    • Videos

  • Reporting

    • PDF Format​

    • Available 24-7 on the Scimedico Complilab Platform

Scimedico Preventive Maintenance Comparison
Download PDF • 94KB



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