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Scimedico Exhibits at the American Association of Pathologists Assistants (AAPA) 2019 Conference in

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

West Orange, New Jersey – Scimedico, LLC, the leader in preventive maintenance on large scale pathology and histology equipment continues to drive the discussion of lab hygiene and overall lab safety with the launch of "Scimedico Safety Slime" at the 2019 American Association of Pathologists Assistants Conference.

“The AAPA membership represents one of our core constituencies." explained Miguel Bermeo, Scimedico CEO, "And this year we are giving away Scimedico Safety Slime to all attendees that visit our booth at the AAPA meeting in Chicago."

Scimedico's Safety Slime give-a-way at all its 2019 and 2020 trade shows brings the "fun" of slime, yes to lab safety. "We wanted to give something to our trade attendees that represents what we do, how we do it, and really goes to the core of our leading preventive maintenance services," offered Kelly Lord from Scimedico. "Our Scimedico Safety Slime addresses a very specific problem we have encountered while decontaminating equipment in Pathology and Histology environments, we can't get the lab build up off of laboratory keyboards."

"At Scimedico we are passionate about what we do. Our preventative maintenance solutions are designed to address the overall safety of our customer's team, keep their equipment up and running, and assist to support a hygienic and productive work place," stated Scimedico CEO Miguel Bermeo.

"Our mission is centered on the safety of the healthcare professional we work for. Scimedico has led the way with our Preventive Maintenance solutions. Now we can also provide immediate, one-time repair services or sign a multi-year contract for ongoing service. It’s up to our customers," said CEO Bermeo.

Scimedico's Preventive Maintenance offering centers on the Pathologists' Assistant, combining inspection, testing, decontamination, and air testing. The objective of PM is to avoid down time. The initial step involves a full inspection, testing, and documentation of the status of each feature and function on the equipment being "PM'd." The Scimedico Decontamination Process applies an eight-step workflow to the equipment which concludes with microbial testing. Scimedico then re-tests all features on the equipment. The final step is air flow testing to assure the ventilation on the equipment is functioning properly.

Scimedico's Repair Services provide customers with flexible options. Service offerings include response time options, pre-paid repair visits, volume discounts, and the option to bundle repair services with Scimedico's Preventive Maintenance offering.

"Our goal at the AAPA Conference is to communicate, educate and raise awareness of the benefits of Preventive Maintenance in the Pathology lab. We believe that our solutions are designed to ensure the PA's safety, productivity, workplace quality and overall cleanliness of the lab," explained Kelly Lord, National Account Manager for Scimedico's Preventive Maintenance Services.

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About the AAPA

The American Association of Pathologists' Assistants (AAPA) was founded in 1972 as a not-for-profit volunteer organization of allied health practitioners dedicated to the advocacy and advancement of the pathologists' assistant profession.

About Scimedico, LLC

Scimedico is a full service laboratory services and solutions firm, providing Project Management, Equipment, Installation Services, and Preventive Maintenance to the Healthcare, Education, and Government Sectors. Scimedico, LLC's solutions set and related lab maintenance and support offerings are now offered on a national basis within the United States.

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