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Scimedico to Exhibit at the National Association of Medical Examiners (NAME) 2018 Conference in West

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

West Orange, New Jersey – Scimedico, LLC will introduce its new non clinical offering and autospy saw maintenance offering at the National Association of Medical Examiners (NAME) 2018 Conference in West Palm Beach Florida.

“Medical Examiners have unique requirements when it comes to preventive maintenance,” explained Scimedico CEO Miguel Bermeo. "The sheer volume of cases this customer base has historically had to address is voluminous. Today, with the additional pressure brought on by the Opioid Epidemic, it is more critical than ever that medical examiners and coroners be up and running effectively on a 24/7 basis," stated Bermeo.

The new Scimedico Service reduces cost by eliminating two key steps in the standard Scimedico Service Level: Decontamination and Ventilation/Safety Testing. Here is a summary of the offer:

  • Provides customers with the Equipment Inspection and Feature Testing

  • Moves budget resources to Repair Services

  • Budgets for replacement parts

  • Includes robust reporting

"Scimedico's new offering is designed for customers that are non-regulated, do not require decontamination, or ventilation testing. By removing these elements that are part of our standard offer, we reduce the cost of our services, shift contracted services toward repair, and create a solution for this important customer group," offered Kelly Lord, Scimedico's National Account Manager for Preventive Maintenance.

The Scimedico Non Clinical Solution shifts resources to service and repair and budgets for ongoing replacement parts. "Medical Examiners play an instrumental role in determining the cause of death in criminal and unusual circumstances. The role an ME plays for law enforcement and families dealing with extremely difficult circumstances is essential. Scimedico's Non Clinical offer takes this critical role into account and provides a solution that supports the ME's vital role," offered Scimedico CEO, Miguel Bermeo.

About Scimedico's Autopsy Saw Maintenance and Repair

Scimedico is also launching a new service and maintenance solution for Autopsy Saws. The solution provides customers with a large inventory of autopsy saws with a solution to maintain or repair their equipment.

The solution requires customers have an inventory of at least five units, warranties all work for ninety days, and provides detailed reporting on all completed work.

"It has become increasingly difficult for customers with larger inventories of autopsy saws to maintain and repair their organization's saw inventory," stated Scimedico CEO Miguel Bermeo. "Scimedico has invested in the resources and reporting system to provide this solution to our customers."

About the ASCP

The National Association of Medical Examiners (NAME) is the national professional organization of physician medical examiners, medicolegal death investigators and death investigation system administrators who perform the official duties of the medicolegal investigation of deaths of public interest in the United States. NAME was founded in 1966 with the dual purposes of fostering the professional growth of physician death investigators and disseminating the professional and technical information vital to the continuing improvement of the medical investigation of violent, suspicious and unusual deaths.

About Scimedico, LLC

Scimedico is a full service laboratory services and solutions firm, providing Project Management, Equipment, Installation Services, and Preventive Maintenance to the Healthcare, Education, and Government Secors. Scimedico, LLC's solutions set and related lab maintenance and support offerings are now offered on a national basis within the United States.


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