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2X10X20 Methodology


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Scimedico’s Preventive Maintenance Kit ("PM Kit") provides labs with manufacturer approved disinfection, cleaning, and detailing tools to support rapid disinfection and cleaning. The PM Kit includes the license and related training to effectively use the Scimedico “2X10X20” Methodology - a patented, standardized process they can utilize daily (two minutes a day), weekly (ten minutes a week), and monthly (twenty minutes a month).

The Scimedico PM Kit comes with a convenient  carrying caddy and storage box.


1. What is the relationship between the Scimedico PM Kit and the 2X10X20 Methodology?

The PM Kit contains manufacturer approved disinfection, cleaning, and detailing products and tools. ​Scimedico's 2X10X20 Methodology is a procedure that is included with purchase of a PM kit. It provides staff with a patented, standardized process they can utilize daily (two minutes a day), weekly (ten minutes a week), and monthly (twenty minutes a month). In other words, the Scimedico 2X10X20  Methodology provides users with a set of best practice instructions so that they can use the items in their PM Kit correctly and effectively. 

2. How often do I use the Scimedico PM Kit?

The Scimedico 2X10X20 Methodology provides users a simple daily, weekly, and monthly process for use of the Scimedico PM Kit. The process calls for two minutes a day, ten minutes a week, and twenty minutes a month.  

3. Is it hard to store the Scimedico PM Kit?

No, the Scimedico PM Kit's contents are stored in a carrying caddy, all of which fits inside the covered storage box. The storage box has a lid and can be stored in the lab.

4. How do I purchase a Scimedico PM Kit?

Click HERE to purchase a PM Kit online. In addition, Scimedico includes the option of PM Kits on all preventive maintenance quotes and can also quote PM Kits and PM Kit refills individually. Scimedico accepts POs, Checks, and all Major Credit Cards. 

Please contact your Scimedico sales representative or call Scimedico at 908-986-3000 x 1 for a quote. 

5. How many PM Kits does my lab need?

Each Scimedico PM Kit provides the sufficient supplies to maintain two pieces of large Pathology, Histology, Morgue, Necropsy and appropriate research equipment for approximately 6 months. 

6. How soon will we have our PM Kit after purchase?

Your PM Kit will arrive within two weeks after payment is received. 

7. How will we get trained on the use of the Scimedico PM Kit?

Scimedico will train lab management and staff on the use of the PM Kit and 2X10X20 Methodology and will provide regular online updates for ongoing use optimization. 

8. Do I require special clothing to use the Scimedico PM Kit?

Standard personal protection clothing should be worn while the Scimedico PM Kit is in use. This should include standard lab clothing, gloves, and protective glasses or goggles.  


  • Delivered in a sturdy carrying caddy and storage box

  • Manufacturer approved supplies maintain your equipment's warranty 

  • Carefully labeled for easy, efficient use

  • Standardizes and reinforces the lab's approach to staff safety and hygiene

  • Daily, weekly, and monthly procedures to maximize results

  • Increase overall end user safety and protect against pathogens

  • Includes training and 24-7 online support

  • Most effective when used in conjunction with Scimedico's Preventive Maintenance Services

The Scimedico PM Kit includes the license to use the Scimedico 2X10X20  Methodology for end user decontamination for 2 minutes a day, 10 minutes a week, and 20 minutes a month. The products in the PM Kit should be used with care following product instructions and the Scimedico 2X10X20 Methodology. Scimedico will provide all product data sheets for the materials in the PM Kit and will substitute products for customers in California.

  • Three bottles Scimedico Disinfecting Spray Cleaner

  • Two bottles of Scimedico Disinfectant Foaming Spray

  • One bottle of Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish Spray

  • One spray can of Stainless Steel Polish

  • One mixing container

  • Instrument Cleaning Brush Kit with three Brushes

  • Micro Fiber Polishing Wipes

  • Scimedico Safety Slime

  • One squirt container of Scimedico Stain Remover

  • Container of Screen Cleaner

  • Single labeled carrying container

  • Storage box

  • Licence to use Scimedico's 2X10X20 Methodology

  • Staff training

  • 24-7 online support


(Products may be substituted based on availability and state regulations)


PM Kit

PM Kit

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The Scimedico C19 Response Solution Set is based on the services our company delivers every day. The C19 Response offering addresses the COVID-19 challenge with solutions that demonstrate our understanding of the challenges faced every day in healthcare.



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