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Innovation changes the way MSK’s pathology team cares for patients during #covid19 pandemic

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

During the #covid19 pandemic, Memorial Sloan Kettering doctors and nurses have been able to continue to provide high-quality care for people with cancer. They’ve done this through traditional appointments and by offering telemedicine services while working from home.

MSK has taken many other steps to keep staff safe while continuing to care for patients. Some of the most noteworthy changes have come from the Department of Pathology. Pathology has traditionally required everyone to be in the lab, with doctors and pathology technicians working together in close quarters. This situation would have made it difficult to create the physical distance that’s key to preventing the spread of #covid19. So when the pandemic hit New York City in March, leadership within MSK’s Department of Pathology adopted new procedures to keep its workers safe without having to compromise patient care.

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