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Scimedico Takes 2019 Quality Assurance Initiative Live for All Company Services in Preparation for L

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

West Orange, New Jersey – Scimedico, LLC completes launch of Quality Control and Assurance Initiative for 2019 in preparation of the launch of its Scimedico Customer Portal.

The launch of the Scimedico Customer Portal will provide Scimedico Customers with access to their service history for all services Scimedico manages. "The Scimedico Customer Portal will offer our customers throughout North America with access to installation, preventive maintenance, and repair history," explained Cheryl Broudhecker, Scimedico Customer Service Manager. "The launch of our portal is propelled by the completed implementation of our Quality Control and Quality Assurance initiative. One without the other would not have been effective.

The Quality Control initiative, commenced in the fourth quarter of 2018, to address:

- Internal controls managing the pass off

- A formalized onboarding process for all services

- Related customer facing reporting in preparation for services

- Improved project reporting for all services

- Implementation of Quality Assurance testing for all Installation and Repair services

- Inclusion of Quality Assurance Detail in all project reporting

- Reduced time frames between Preventive Maintenance Services and Post Preventive Maintenance Repair

- Service Report Delivery within 48 hours of service completion

The launch of the Scimedico Customer Portal, scheduled for the week of April 15, 2019 will be offered to Scimedico customers at no additional charge. "Our mission is to improve the quality of care our customers are able to delivery through improved staff safety, environment hygiene, equipment function, and reporting," explained Scimedico CEO Miguel Bermeo. "As the market leader in preventive maintenance on the equipment we service, it is our responsibility to improve quality and be accountable to mission and our customers."

Customers will login with their work address, set up their own user name and password and will be able to the full service history of equipment Scimedico services. "Our customers need reporting for compliance, maintenance history, and regulatory purposes," explained Broudhecker, "but the completion of our Quality Control and Quality Assurance initiatives will make the portal that much for effective for our customers. We are 100% committed to improving every day."

The Scimedico Customer Portal will provide customers with the following features:

- A single point of login for all Scimedico Service History

- Online repository for all preventive maintenance reporting

- Online repository for all repair reporting

- Customer Case Creation for service requests "We anticipate that this will become a tool for our customers in providing compliance reporting, monitoring staff safety, and to assist with capital purchase decisions and replacement cycles over time. Historically our customers have not had documentation regarding the function, repair history, or up time of the equipment Scimedico conducts both preventive maintenance and ongoing repair services on. That has now changed," offered CEO Bermeo. "We believe the Scimedico Customer Portal is another a critical connection between quality of care and our services. Our goal is to support and empower our customers in the delivery of their critical care, research, investigations, and outcomes."

About Scimedico, LLC

Scimedico is a full service laboratory services and solutions firm, providing Planning and Project Coordination, Temporary and Back Up Environments, Equipment Management and Installation Solutions, and Preventive Maintenance and Repair Services to the Healthcare, Education, Research, and Government Sectors. Scimedico, LLC's solutions set and related lab maintenance and support offerings are now offered in the United States and Canada.

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