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Scimedico, LLC Launches New Non-Clinical Preventive Maintenance and Service Offering as well as New

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

West Orange, New Jersey – Scimedico, LLC, a leading provider of solutions to the healthcare, education, research, and law enforcement sectors, today announced that the company is launching a new service level for preventive maintenance, service, and repair for non-clinical customers as well as a new autopsy saw service and repair solution.

About the New Scimedico Non-Regulated Service and Repair Solution

“Scimedico's new preventive maintenance and repair offer targets a specific customer type," explained Scimedico CEO Miguel Bermeo. "We have customers that have different service level requirements. This new offering is designed for customers that are non-regulated, do not require decontamination, or ventilation testing. By removing these elements of our standard offer, we reduce the cost of our services, shift contracted services toward repair, and create a solution for this important customer group."

The new Scimedico Service reduces cost by eliminating two key steps in the standard Scimedico Service Level: Decontamination and Ventilation/Safety Testing. Here is a summary of the offer:

  • Provides customers with the Equipment Inspection and Feature Testing

  • Moves budget resources to Repair Services

  • Budgets for replacement parts

  • Includes robust reporting

Scimedico’ s new service level has been designed for Medical Examiners, Coroners, Anatomic Grossing Labs, and customers that do not require the full suite of Scimedico’ s services. "Our decontamination, ventilation testing, and safety testing are not required for all customers," offered Kelly Lord, Scimedico Account Manager. Lord went on to explain, "This new service level allows these non-clinical customers to select Scimedico for preventive maintenance and repair service,"

About Scimedico's Autopsy Saw Maintenance and Repair

Scimedico is also launching a new service and maintenance solution for Autopsy Saws. The solution provides customers with a large inventory of autopsy saws with a solution to maintain or repair their equipment.

The solution requires customers have an inventory of at least five units, warranties all work for ninety days, and provides detailed reporting on all completed work.

"It has become increasingly difficult for customers with larger inventories of autopsy saws to maintain and repair their organization's saw inventory," stated Scimedico CEO Miguel Bermeo. "Scimedico has invested in the resources and reporting system to provide this solution to our customers."

About Scimedico, LLC

Scimedico is a full-service laboratory services and solutions firm, providing Project Management, Equipment, Installation Services, and Preventive Maintenance to the Healthcare, Education, and Government Sectors. Scimedico, LLC's solution set and related lab maintenance and support offerings are now offered on a national basis within the United States.

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