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Kaledia Health Selects Scimedico, LLC to Provide Preventive Maintenance in Pathology

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

Scimedico, LLC has signed a contract to provide Preventive Maintenance Services for Kaleida Health in New York. Under the contract, Scimedico, LLC is to provide preventive maintenance services to the Department of Pathology for Kaledia's Pathology Lab environments.

The Scimedico preventive maintenance process includes equipment inspection, testing, decontamination, and reporting. Preventive maintenance reports capture and document each of these categories and provide managers relevant reporting.

Scimedico's preventive maintenance services are centered on the "safety first" concept. Each facet of the "PM" process is designed to identify problems before they occur and provide end users and biomedical engineering team members with the data they need to keep equipment functioning and staff safe.

"We look forward to working with the team at Kaleida Health," commented Miguel Bermeo, Scimedico CEO. "Kaleida does mission critical lab work for the entire upstate New York region. It is our role to support that work through our preventive maintenance process.

About Scimedico

Scimedico is a market leader in providing preventive maintenance to hospitals, research laboratories, educational institutions, and law enforcement. The Scimedico preventive maintenance solution offering is available on a national basis and is complimented by Scimedico's Project Management, Equipment, and Installation solutions.

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