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Scimedico, LLC Adds Repair Services to Nationwide Offering

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

West Orange, New Jersey – Scimedico, LLC, a leading provider of solutions to the healthcare, education, research, and law enforcement sectors, today announced that the firm is adding contracted or on-call repair services under the Scimedico Repair Services offering.

“This is about completing our service offering for our customers," explained Miguel Bermeo, Scimedico CEO, "This offer compliments our Prevent Maintenance Services and allows our customers to integrate Scimedico Repair Services into our contracts, bundle the service with Scimedico's market leading Preventive Maintenance, or just call us in for a one-time repair. We are at the disposal of our customers.”

Scimedico, LLC is a leader in providing preventive maintenance solutions for healthcare, education, research, and law enforcement. The company is actively growing its service network and opening service centers around the country.

"While we are a service-based company, we are a firm that relies heavily on technology. The Scimedico Service Management Platform allows us to provision, manage, and report on our work around the country on a multi-year contracted basis or respond to a single incident," Bermeo offered.

Scimedico's Repair Services provide customers with flexible options. Service offerings include response time options, pre-paid repair visits with discounts based on quantity, and the option to integrate repair with Scimedico's Preventive Maintenance offering.

"This is an exciting new offer for us. Our national sales force now has a new product set that meets customer needs," explained Kelly Lord, National Account Manager for Scimedico's Preventive Maintenance services, "Previously customers had to purchase Preventive Maintenance prior to purchasing our repair services. Now we can provide repair services under a multi-year contract or on an on-call basis."

"Our mission is centered on the safety of the healthcare professional we work for. We have led the way with Scimedico's Preventive Maintenance solutions. Now we can also provide immediate, one time repair services or sign a multi-year contract for ongoing service. Its up to our customers," said CEO Bermeo.

About Scimedico, LLC

Scimedico is a full service laboratory services and solutions firm, providing Project Management, Equipment, Installation Services, and Preventive Maintenance to the Healthcare, Education, and Government Sectors. Scimedico, LLC's solutions set and related lab maintenance and support offerings are now offered on a national basis within the United States.

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