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Scimedico, LLC National Service Network Passes 25 Service Providers

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

Scimedico, LLC

West Orange, New Jersey – Scimedico, LLC, a leading provider of solutions to the healthcare, education, research, and law enforcement sectors, today announced that it has passed twenty-five service providers supporting the company's preventive maintenance and repair service offerings in the United States.

This significant milestone will be marked by a focus on maximizing the quality of execution in the current network as well as continued growth. “Reaching twenty-five service providers is a great milestone for Scimedico,” said Miguel Bermeo, Scimedico CEO, "Our commitment is to assist our customers in providing their team members with safe, fully functional work environments.”

Scimedico, LLC is a market leader in providing preventive maintenance solutions for healthcare, education, research, and law enforcement. “Scimedico is in a great position to drive continued growth of our network while leveraging our current service providers to deliver outstanding results. We are definitely on our way to achieving our growth objectives for 2018,” added Miguel Bermeo, CEO of Scimedico. The company has recently indicated plans to enhance its product offerings and service network.

"You can't be everywhere at once," explained Henry Vargas Scimedico National Service Manager, "So, managing and building our network to deliver ongoing service is essential to our ability to execute on our value proposition." Scimedico plans to add between forty and fifty additional providers to its Service Network in 2018. The expansion in Scimedico's Service Network will directly impact the quality of service Scimedico delivers.

"The Scimedico Service Management Platform drives a seamless process for our customers," explained Cheryl Broudhecker, Customer Service Manager for Scimedico. "Scimedico has a national sales network of over fifty sales people who sell through the Scimedico Dealer Network," explained Kelly Lord, Scimedico's Dealer Network Manager, "Reaching this milestone only increases their confidence in our capacity to execute."

"Our mission is to support our customers to make their work settings safe, functional, and ready for use every day," said CEO Bermeo. "We are passionate about what we do and view our customers as critical contributors to the quality of care in our healthcare system."

About Scimedico, LLC

Scimedico is a full service laboratory services and solutions firm, providing Project Management, Equipment, Installation Services, and Preventive Maintenance to the Healthcare, Education, and Government Sectors. Scimedico, LLC's solutions set and related lab maintenance and support offerings are now offered on a national basis within the United States.

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