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The Scimedico Funeral Home Temporary Morgue Expansion

Scimedico is responding to the COVID-19 crisis with a rapid deployment solution to support overflow decedent management for funeral homes.


The Scimedico TEMPORARY MORGUE - FUNERAL HOME HOLDING ROOM CONVERSION SOLUTION creates an appropriate, respectful, and safe solution to convert a designated space for body storage addressing COVID-19.


Solution Summary: 


  • Converts a standard sized room (200 square feet) to a respectful, safe, and appropriate temporary decedent environment

  • Capacity solutions for 6, 8, or 10 decedents

  • Provides two racks on casters  with trays - rack tiers based on capacity solution

  • One cadaver lift to be used with the racks

  • One HVAC converter that converts standard window air conditioning unit to hold room temperature between 40 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit


Scimedico can provide a transfer cart for larger bodies if required as well as additional racks for additional storage if required. 

Solution allows for temporary, appropriate decedent housing while waiting for decedent burial.   

Scimedico is standing by to support both clinical facilities and governments with the appropriate solution to address COVID-19 requirements.  Scimedico provides fully enabled environments and turn-key installation.

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