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Masks save lives: Duke study confirms which ones work best

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

Of all the mask studies, the latest by Duke University researchers affirming the fitted N95 as king in the fight against #covid19. If 95 percent of people wear cloth masks when within 6 feet of other people in public, it will reduce #covid19 transmission by at least 30 percent. So if every infected person transmits the virus to 30 percent fewer people, it improves the chances of subduing the virus' spread in the United States.

The study’s big loser, the neck gaiter, is too thin to offer much protection, the researchers concluded. It’s possible the fabric breaks up bigger particles into smaller particles that can remain airborne longer. Bandanas and knitted masks were similarly ineffective.

But the conclusions, as in so many other studies, have left little doubt that wearing a mask is our best defense against the spread of COVID-19.

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